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A home-grown brand based on classic Italian food with a side of mischief, MATTO aims to recast the archetypal Italian dining experience.


True to the Italian way, MATTO presents a plethora of offers tailored to bring out the pleasure of a delicious meal accompanied by great drinks.


A warm welcome awaits in this lively bar, where you can choose from a vast and varied selection of drinks prepared by their knowledgeable mixologists. Whether for pre or post-dinner drinks, sundowners, aperitivo or after-brunch beverages, pull up a barstool, sip and say ‘another Negroni, Ciro!’


Lobby Level, The Oberoi,

Business Bay, Dubai

Phone: +971 4 444 1335

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Classic is a classic.

When it comes to the bespoke elements which makes Matto’s Negroni stand out, it is in the mixing of the ingredients, each of which are added separately into the mixing glass then stirred gently.

A peel of the orange is added with the ice to aromatise the mixing glass, then the Campari is stirred to break down the flavours. The gin then marries the Campari to bring up the botanicals found in both. By the time the sweet vermouth is added, the balance of the strong botanical flavours and the spices is achieved. 

All that is left is to sip. And order a second.

NEGRONI Invecchiato

The Three Musketeers


Picture a fresh lavender infused Bombay Sapphire Gin. Now imagine Campari infused with fresh lemon peels for 72 hours. And then, conjure up a visual of Martini Rosso flavoured with homemade blue-blackberry jam.

All these incredible ingredients are put together in an oak barrel and left for a week before finally poured into a Negroni glass and served with smoked cinnamon.

Salivating yet?

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