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This speciality restaurant lets the ingredients take the lead. Fresh and imaginative, it invigorates traditional recipes for a modern audience.


Set at the heart of the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai with dramatic views across the marina and an amazing karaoke room, Maiden Shanghai invites guests to be at the centre of the action. The restaurant is home to a variety of dining areas and outdoor terraces, indoor bar, private dining rooms and an opulent rooftop bar. The decor playfully fuses the traditional with the boldly modern, creating spaces that feel open yet connected.


FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai
No. 1 Palm Jumeirah

Phone: +971 4 247 5222

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Classic is a classic.

Maiden Shanghai uses a traditional version of ingredients in their classic Negroni (Campari, Martini Rosso, Tanqueray London Dry and orange bitter) in a bid to the heritage of the Milano to Torino predecessor alive.

The bold flavours, sweet and bitter are mesmerizing, ideal for any time of the day. This Classic Negroni is served on large clear ice cubes with an orange slice.


The Asian Inspiration


This Chinese inspired Negroni incorporates Asian ingredients to bring a unique twist to the beverage. Ginseng root is used to infuse the vermouth, Aperol for a more lighter approach, Tanqueray 10 for a fruitier note all blended together with Grapefruit bitter.


“Negroni Fu Twist” has a less prominence of juniper and bitter agents, resulting into a lighter and fruitier version with lots of grapefruits notes. 


This Negroni has special ice cubes are designed and cut to match our glasses perfectly resulting into a chilled Negroni for a longer time without dilution.


The Force is with you.

It is not often  you see a Negroni inspired by Star Wars, but when you do, you know it is something to experience. 

The Dark Side Negroni uses Bombay East for an Asian element together with Punt E Mes, an Italian vermouth and Bitter Truth Elixir to bring a lot of deep flavours into play and create a complex mouth feeling.

These ingredients make for a very complex concoction with long after taste that definitely embraces the dark side. The drink is served on a ice ball to increase the flavour without dilution.

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