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This gem of a bar is located at a very special spot in Mexico City, Fifty Mils is a cocktail bar, that defines what liquid gastronomy is about. Created by Mica Rousseau and Axel Pimentel, two of the most influential bartenders both in Mexico and Latin America, who successfully turned the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mexico City, into a lab and mixology workshop.


A trip to Fifty Mils will provide a unique experience in which every bartender brings a unique flair customised to match your unique character. 


Avenue Paseo de la Reform 500

Colonia Juarez, Mexico City

Mexico 06600

Phone: +52 (55) 5230 1616

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The Fifty Mils Classic Negroni keeps in line with the traditional methods of 3 equal parts of gin, vermouth and Campari. This particular iteration makes you feel the herbal flavors of the vermouth and the after taste leaves the bitter notes of the Campari. It is a must to enjoy a Negroni experience.


A Rum Negroni

This incredible aged Negroni comes from the master blender - Jose Sanchez Gavito. Jose travelled to Australia for a cocktail competition and when someone offered him a regular Negroni he rejected it because he preferred his cocktails with rum. 

Gavito decided to try a variation of the Negroni using Bacardi 8 (Bacardi Ocho) instead of any gin. The Negrocho the result and it is aged with cacao bitters to intensify the sweet flavors from the rum and keep the bitter flavor at the same time of the Campari. It is then expressed with orange peel to bring the citrus notes to the drink.


European Inspiration

Inspired by European summertime and the Spritz and fizzy cocktails, this Negroni is a lighter fresher version of the classic. The Campari, sweet vermouth and orange juice is shaken over ice and topped with homemade orange soda and given an orange twist.

A mist of Fernet Branca is added to the fizz to bring the beverage to the next level.

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